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15 commonly asked questions about aari work | Silver knots

 15 commonly asked questions about aari work

In this post, i would like to answer 15 commonly asking questions about aari work or maggam work. These questions are frequently asked by all viewers on my you tube channel. Sometimes i may not be able to answer everyone. That is why i want to answer everyone through this post.

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1.How to wash these normal needle aari work blouses?

Ans:  Not only blouses that work with normal needle but also aari work blouses that we purchase outside or aari work sewn blouses should not be washed.To keep good life and quality it's recommended not to wash aari or maggam work blouses. If necessary do dry wash only or else you can use under arm sweat pads to prevent sweat stains and smell.We can purchase these sweat pads at any local stores or they are available in Amazon too.These sweat pads are disposable cotton pads stick to your blouses  and remove sweat stains and smell.

2.What to do if the kundans are falling off after washing?

Ans:  Stitching type stone kundans are also available in the market. If you want you can purchase them and use them. After sticking these kundans give stitches to all the kundans with normal machine thread.

3.Which fabric is good for this normal needle work?

Ans:  Raw silk, cotton silk, half pattu, pattu , pure silk

4.The gold ball chain color fade away after washing.Can you suggest which brand gold ball chain should be used?

Ans:  It depends on how we maintain and the product quality. Don't use meter 10 rs ball chain. I always buy ball chain from Amazon. Some shops are selling cheap quality ball chain at low price. So, Always buy materials from good aari work material shops and check the ball chain shade before buying. To maintain these bead work blouses always dry these blouses in shaded places which will prevent the color change.

5.How much time it will take to complete this aari work?

Ans:  It depends upon how long and how fast we are working. If you work 2 hours daily, it will be completed in 1 week or if you work longer hours, you can complete any work in 3 to 4 days.

6.What to do with gold ball chain and stone chain falling off after washing?

Ans:  After fixing ball chain and stone chain with glue , we have to give stitches to these gold ball chain and stone chain with normal machine thread.

7.Where do we get all these aari materials?

Ans:  You can purchase them from any stationary shops, aari work materials shops. Most of them are also available in Amazon.

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8.Which number normal needle should be used to stitch sugar beads?

Ans:  pony brand normal needle no. 10. You can purchase these needles from Amazon.

9.Which brand sugar beads are good for aari work?

Ans:  Priso brand sugar beads are good for aari work or maggam work.

10.Which brand glue should be used to stick kundans, gold ball chain and stone chain?

Ans:  Fevicryl fabric glue or you can use Zhanlida B6000.

11.Is it best to work with a normal needle or aari needle?

Ans:  Both are best.Works with aari needle can be sewn very easy and fast. All the stitches that work with aari needle can also work with normal needle. But, most people do not know how to work with aari needle.For those people, i will explain in my videos how to work with normal needle.

12.How much material should we purchase for one blouse?

Ans:  It depends upon blouse size, neck deep and hands loose. Product requirement will vary for different blouse sizes. First purchase all the required materials less quantity only.if not enough, then you can re-purchase the desired material.

13.Which brand marking pencil is being used for marking on cloth?

Ans:   Apsara glass marking pencil.

14.Can this work be done on an already stitched blouse?

Ans:   yes, you can do the same work on stitched blouse too.

15.Can i trace the design on cloth after taking print out of the tracing paper?

Ans:   If the design size fits your blouse measurements, then you can trace the design on blouse or else resize the tracing paper and take printout and then trace the design on the cloth.

In this post, i shared with you all about commonly asked questions about aari work or maggam work.If you have any doubts regarding this post or if you have any questions other than these, please message me in the comment section below.If you like this post, please share with your friends and family.

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